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싱귤래리티대학교 스마트시티 디자인, 스타트업 업체들을 찾고 있다. Seeking Startups to Design Smart Cities
SU Smart City Image
Hi Youngsook,

We뭭e got a great opportunity for startups that are building solutions with emerging tech to improve the quality and efficiency of our cities. Think: sensors, IoT, mobility, connectivity, big data, analytics, infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, and production, among other areas that will increasingly help our cities become more livable, workable, and sustainable.

The SU Smart City Accelerator, sponsored locally by American Electric Power (AEP) and NCT Ventures in Columbus, Ohio, is an intensive 10-week program that begins on September 12. 2017. If your startup is selected to participate, you뭠l receive:
  • Up to $100,000 in funding from our sponsor NCT Ventures
  • High-velocity training and help preparing to scale your startup
  • Relevant mentoring from the best minds around the world, including Fortune 500 executives and leaders from our Google-sponsored Global Solutions Program
  • Direct access to large corporations such as our lead sponsor American Electric Power in your space for potential collaboration
  • Web services, legal support, financial services, and access to a co-working space
Are you in? If so, please act quickly. Applications are due on July 17th at 11:59PM PT. Hope to see you in Columbus!

Best regards,

Nick Davis
Vice President, Corporate Innovation
Singularity University

P.S. Not for you? Please share this opportunity with great entrepreneurs in your network!

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Subject: Suraj <> Smart City Accelerator (Singularity University)
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2017 10:37:57 -0700
From: Michael Jarrett
Reply-To: michael.jarrett@su.org
To: surajsoodx@gmail.com

Hey Suraj,

Wanted to reach out and let you know that Singularity University recently announced the Smart City Accelerator. It will be located in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States (we are taking international companies).

If you think you are a good fit we would love to see you apply for the Smart City Accelerator. If you are not looking for an accelerator program right now but know of other passionate entrepreneurs who are, we would love if you share this program with your network.

The Smart City Accelerator starts September, 12th and will go for 10 weeks. Each company accepted will receive $100,000 in funding for 2% - 6% equity.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in the applications!--

Michael Jarrett
Accelerator Associate

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