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  [일반] 제2차 알지 월드 오스트랄리아 국제 컨퍼런스 퍼쓰에서 4월 16-17일 개최 게시글을 twitter로 보내기 게시글을 facebook으로 보내기
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2nd Algae World Australia
16-17 Apr, 2012 - Perth
Esplanade Hotel Fremantle - Orion Room
CMT 이벤트 기업은 제2차 알지 월드 오스트랄리아를 호주의 퍼쓰에서 4월 16-17일까지 개최한다. 에스플란데 호텔 프레만틀, 오리온 룸에서 개최되는 이 호주알지국제컨퍼런스에는 알지 대기업 200여개 회사와 호주의 알지기업및 알지 대량생산에 관심을 갖는 많은 학자, 기업인, 일반인들이 참석한다.
알지월드 호주 행사는 작년에이어 2회째 개최된다. 호주에서 개최되는 4월 16-17일 행사에서 많은 알지 기업인들에게 11월 6-7일 개최되는 서울의 알지월드 아시아 행사의 개최일정이 한국에서 열리며, 특히 알지 테라가 위치한 김천 아포읍 대신리를 사이트로 방문하게됨을 알리게 된다. 아래는 개최되는 행사의 개요및 발표자들의 명단이다.
Day 1 - [16 Apr, 2012 - Monday]
Registration & Coffee
Chairman’s Introduction & Welcome
Prof. Dr. Michael A Borowitzka, Professor & Head of Algae R&D Center
Murdoch University
Open Pond Systems with High Saline Algae
Muradel Algae Project - Scaling up to the next level
- Discharge, dewatering and env issues
Mr. Gerald Barker, Interim CEO
Muradel Pty Ltd
Algae - the optimal crop & growth industry for Western Australia
Mr. Matthew Caspari, Founder & Managing Director Australia
Aurora Algae Pty Ltd.
Discussion followed by Coffee
Technology developments in downstream processing and the integration of Harvesting, Separation & Extraction processes
Assoc Prof. David Lewis, Leader- Microalgae Eng Research Group
University of Adelaide
Discovering the best Australian sites for algae cultivation and scale-up
Dr. David Batten, Leader, Low-cost Algal Fuels Team
CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship
Microalgae Energy Farms for durable production of fuel and livestock feed
Assoc Prof. Peer Schenk, Plant-Microbe Interactions & Algae Biotechnology Labs
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
Assessment of Algae to Biofuels Conversion Technologies
Direct Conversion of Algal Oils to Jet and Diesel Fuels
Dr . Steve Lupton, Senior Research Associate
UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company
Discussion followed by Lunch
Biodiesel from algae : Can properties affects its use ?
Dr . Gerhard Knothe, Research Chemist
USDA-ARS NCAUR Fermentation Biotechnology Research Unit
Current status of conversion technologies for algal biomass into biofuels highlighting areas requiring specific research
Karne de Boer, Managing Director
Regenerate Industries
Autotrophic / Heterotrophic Cultivation
Autotrophic Production of Algae Biofuel & the best technology line up
Autotrophic Production of Algal Biofuel: What is the best technology line-up by Skye Thomas-Hall
Skye Thomas-Hall,
Cellana LLC
Discussion followed by Tea
Heterotrophic Microalgae for Biofuel Production
Heterotrophic microalgae for biofuel production by Lucas Rye
Lucas Rye, Research Engineer
CSIRO Energy Technology
Not just a nuisance: prospects for algae at wastewater treatment plants
- Co2 mitigation and wastewater treatment
Ms. Gwyneth Elsum, Energy Planner
Melbourne Water Corporation
Final Discussion. Close of Day 1
Day 2 - [17 Apr, 2012 - Tuesday]
Chairman’s Introduction
Algae Co2 Capture
CO2 bioremediation using microalgae
- Systems & Techno-Economic Assessment
- Advantages & barriers of co-locating algae pond with Co2 industrial sources
- Effect of CO2 addition on water chemistry and growth of algae (biomass and lipid).
- Effect of different Co2 sources on algae production and co-product quality
- Best species for CO2 bioremediation
Dr. Navid Moheimani, Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
Murdoch University
Capturing flue-gas CO2 to the algae ponds to harvest and grow algae
- Evaluation of economies of scale
Mr. Andrew Lawson, Managing Director
MBD Energy Limited
Discussion followed by Coffee Break
Lessons learnt on Commercial Scale Production in PBR & OpenPond
Tubular Photobioreactors in Commercial Microalgae Production – Operational Experiences at the 12000 m² Plant in Klötze/Altmark
Dr . Martin Ecke, Managing Director
Roquette Klötze GmbH & Co. KG
Mass production of Microalgae in Open-Pond & Lessons learnt
Dr. Amha Belay, Sr. Vice President / Scientific Director
Earthrise Nutritionals LLC
Update on the Darke Peak Algae Biofuels Commercialisation project in Eyre Peninsula
Dr . Stephen Clarke, Leader - Materials & BioEnergy Group
Flinders University
Update on Murdoch Algae R & D Centre & future directions
Prof. Dr. Michael A Borowitzka, Professor & Head of Algae R&D Center
Murdoch University
Final Discussion. Close of Conference followed by Lunch
Optional Site Visit
17th April ( 2 pm - 4 pm )
Depart hotel
Arrive Murdoch Algae R & D Centre
Tour also includes visit to SABC (State Agricultural Biotechnology Center) & Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory.
SABC is the collaborative university Centre for R&D in agricultural and veterinary biotechnology in Western Australia. It provides platform technologies and world class R&D facilities in agricultural biotechnology to researchers from universities, state government and industry. Currently a lot of work on molecular biology and genetic modification is being done and led by Dr Mike Jones, Professor of Plant Sciences and Director of SABC.

The Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory are applying modern mass spectrometry techniques to the characterization of conventional and sustainable energy sources and products to help improve production, recoveries and quality.

Commercial refinery production of non petroleum based fuels such as biodiesel requires the characterization of feedstock (such as seed oils, algae and other forms of biomass) to allow for the prediction of fuel quality downstream. The Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory is now applying GC and LC-MS to characterise the lipid composition of feedstocks under various growth conditions and environmental perturbation to improve the quality of biofuels.
Depart back to hotel
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