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김천의 알지 테라, 알지연구소에서 배양하는 균주들의 종류

Dedicated Strains

Dunaliella salina
Salinity : Marine
Brief description : 
  • motile, unicellular, rod to ovoid shaped (9 – 11��m) green algae
  • Simple to cultivate and do not clump or form chains.
  • oil yield of about 37% (organic basis). – fast growing strain and that means it has a high CO2 sequestration rate as well.
Commercial value
  • contains 8% to 10% beta-carotene by dry weight
  • bio-oil
 Haematococcus Pluvialis
Salinity : Fresh water
Brief description : 
  • Cells solitary, ovoid to ellipsoidal, with broadly rounded.
  • Asexual reproduction by formation of usually 4 ( rarely 2 or 8 ) zoospores
Commercial value
  • Astaxanthin content (4%), which is a powerful antioxidant.
  • beta-carotene, lutein, and canthaxanthin.,
 Nannochloropsis oculata

Salinity : Marine
Brief description : 
  • small, nonmotile spheres which do not express any distinct morphological features..
  • able to build up a high concentration of a range of pigments such as astaxanthin, zeaxanthin and canthaxanthin.
Commercial value
  • energy-rich food source for fish larvae and rotifers.
  • bbiodiesel
Spirulina platensis
Salinity : Marine
Brief description : 
  • occurs naturally in tropical and subtropical lakes with high pH and high concentrations of carbonate and bicarbonate.
  • contains an unusually high amount of protein, between 55% and 77% by dry weight, depending upon the source.
Commercial value
  • human dietary supplement as well as a whole food
  • It is also used as a feed supplement in the aquaculture, aquarium, and poultry industries.
 Tetraselmis chuii
Salinity : Marine
Brief description : 
  • very high lipid level, and stimulates feeding in marine organisms using natural amino acids.
  • green, motile, and usually grows 10 µm long x 14 µm wide.
Commercial value
  • important live feed organism for shrimp/prawn hatchery
  • used in bio-diesel extraction
Chlorella vulgaris Chlorella fusca
Salinity : -
Brief  description : 
  • a resource for replacing fossil fuels
  • single celled green algae is a natural, pure, whole food with all the materials to
    support life
Commercial value
  • used to produce renewable and carbon free energy in the form of B100 Biodiesel.
  • used in bio-diesel extraction


3D Model AIMSys

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Algae Integrated Management System is trademark and registered under Algaetech. It is fully integrated and automated algae cultivation management system for commercial algae cultivation for green technology solution and high value products.
AIMSYS operates in a fully controlled environment to ensure the maximum efficiency of the technologies and the highest product quality.
  • To create a management system for the efficiency of Algae Integrated Process
  • To integrate the platforms for a complete process
  • Automation of the system;Less workmanship and skills required to operate
  • Remote Server Management allows the control of the system from an outside location
  • Long-term cost effective
  • Suitable and proven Management System
  • The foundation for algae integrated technology; an innovative approach that leads to more possibilities in the future
Application of AIMSys
Power Plant CO2 Sequestration; Mitigate CO2 emissions through diverging CO2 into open algal ponds and PNR.To quantify the absorption of CO2 emitted due to burning of fossil fuels in the power plants
  • Algae cultivation; produce biomass of useful products such as bio-fuel and other value-added products.
  • To clean the environment and provide a bioremediation solution for waste water and air pollution
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