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Tn Syed Isa Syed Alwi
Chief Executive Officer
Syed Isa Syed Alwi is C.E.O of Algaetech Group of companies, which comprises of Bio Herbal Extract Sdn Bhd, Sasaran Biofuel Sdn Bhd and Biomac Corporations Sdn Bhd,  all are Malaysian based renewable energy and bio-technology algae  based company. Biomac group’s business activities include research, development, commercialization and consultancy of Jatropha and micor algae for biodiesel feedstock production and processing as well as micro algae for other applications especially High Value Products such as anti oxidants. Biomac is located within the Technology Park Malaysia and own a state-of-the-art micro-algae laboratory, 17000 sq ft processing center and 2-hectares micro-algae ponds. Biomac’s subsidiary, PT Biomac Indonesia focuses on Jatropha plantation and production of biodiesel.
Mr Nurul Azhar M.Haris
Chief Operating Officer
He was born on March, 1970 in Selangor. He lives happily in Wangsa Maju, KL with his wife Sue and their childrens.Over 20 years of professional experience in private and public listed organizations. He was a Project Director of 500 acres integrated aqua under MTEN Project, Principal of ILPM and is an accredited lecturer by MOH. 
Mr Kevin Permana Kumalaputra
Chief Operating Officer – CV Algaetech Indonesia
Mr. Kevin Permana Kumalaputra has held a degree from  the University of Southern California majoring in Pre-Medical and a Business Administration minor. Initially wanting to pursue a career as an Oral-Maxiofacial surgeon in the US, in 2009 he decided that going back to Asia was his calling. In the beginning of 2010, Mr. Kumalaputra joined the team as a COO of CV Algaetech Indonesia, primarily focusing in spirulina production and fish hatchery. Having the vision of becoming Indonesia’s first and biggest Spirulina producer, Mr. Kumalaputra has joined forces with PT. Interbat, one the nation’s biggest pharma distributor, in distributing its Spirulina products. An avid sportsman and a follower of fashion lifestyle, Mr. Kumalaputra enjoys playing basketball, scuba diving, and critically thinking on his free time.

Ms Sheezrifah Ishak
Head of Department HR & Administration 
Name given by  ’Babah’ and stated in my IC is Sheezrifah Binti Ishak but I would prefer people call me Iffa. Born on 23rd Nov and currently as the Head of Department Admin & Finance/Executive Assistant. Began my career as assistant to company secretary then continued my career and gained experiences for more than 4 years in sales and marketing field before turning back to office management when I was joint Algaetech on march 2009. Holding a Diploma in Secretarial Science and Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Marketing, both from UiTM. 
 ”Never say never to Green… :)
Mr Mohd Norsham Che Yahya
Asst Manager-Project Management & Technical
Aged 27, a Diploma and Degree holder in International Business Management and graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia. As an assistant manager, he performs various tasks depending on the industry and company requirements and also working independently where he takes lead responsibility for the project that related to company activities. 

Mr Abd Ghani Hj Ahmad
Business Development Manager
Joint Algaetech Group of Companies in May 2011.
Have worked in the government sector and Property Developer Companies. He was also with  Sinclair Knight Merz Engineering Sdn Bhd  (Worldwide consultant for ExxonMobil) in the expansion program of Petrol Kiosk throughout Malaysia. Have 30 years of work experienced.  
Mr Chan Wai Hoo
Account Manager
Chan Wai Hoo is my humble name, fellow students used to call me Robert or Waihoo (much preferred) received my education from the Malaysian Best School or Methodist Boys’ School (MBS) KL and continued my further studies in accounting at Regent Schools of Economics where I obtained my Accounting Diploma . Have worked in various organizations mainly in Finance and Accounts division, would hope to pass on my humble experiences in accounting work to those who wish to excel and perform well in the field.

Mr Mohd Afiq Aizuddin

Account Asst
hola..i’m Afiq Aizuddin. My buddy call me Fiq. I’m the happy go lucky boy because i’m a party boy. I joined Algaetech family since 28th November, 2010. My tagline is “woot woot”. born on 24th December 1985 and i want my ‘HADIAH’ on my birthday…weeeeeeeeeeee

Mr Zubaidi Othman
Senior Process Engineer
M. Zubaidi Othman is the Senior Process Engineer in Algaetech Group of companies, which comprises of Bio Herbal Extract Sdn Bhd, Sasaran Biofuel Sdn Bhd and Biomac Corporations Sdn Bhd,  all are Malaysian based renewable energy and bio-technology algae  based company.

Mr Mohammad Fairuz Zaidi

Special Project Officer
Here’s mine!
Born on 3rd October 1987, Fairuz Zaidi aged 24 years old and currently works as a Special Project Officer at Algaetech. I began my career as a internship student then continued my career as a Algaetech’s staff. I hold Diploma and Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering (Bioprocess), both from Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bio-Engineering.
“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us”
Mr Muhamad Amal Syafiq
Process Engineer
“Name given is Muhammad Amal Syafiq, come from a wonderful place called Ulu Yam Bharu, Selangor. He was graduated from University of Malaya in Bachelor’s of Engineering (Chemical) in 2011. From June 2011 until now, he is appointed as a Process Engineer in Algatech Sdn Bhd.”

  Mr Saifulizan Md Yusof
  IT Support
   beunos dias..
just call me leed.. study in international business &
management from northern university.. but change my    carrier into IT Field 10 years ago.. joined Algaetech
on Nov 2010.. my favourite command `rm -rf’   yeeehaaaaaa
Mr Muhamad Mahfudz Idris
Web Master
“Hye, My name is M. Why M? because my boss called me M. I’m simple person. I really like to shopping at Google. So many things you can get from Google. You can find me at Google too!. Yes! Google Green, Algaetech Go Green!”

Mr Ahmad Fitrah Hj Hamidun

Ahmad Fitrah Bin H. Hamidun Al Maeda is my long – long name but better call me a four word ” F.I.D.O” because it sounded more familiar over my ears and a little funky. was born on July 30 . architect graduate in Department of Architecture Engineering at National Institute of Technology Bandung 2005 – 09. I started my career in architecture and interior design consulting company in Batam (Indonesia) for about 2 years then  last worked in PT. Biomac indonesia Nthen firefly flew me here (algaetech int sb – malaysia) and this for the second time I was here after 8 years ago
Ms Zarinah Kahar
Admin Executive cum Receptionist
Miss Zarinah Binti Kahar is my beautiful name and can call me Ina..Born on 10th April in Muar, Johor ang grow up with my lovely family at Kota Tinggi, Johor…Graduated from University Malaysia Sabah in Bachelor of Forestry Science (Park & Recreational) 2003..My career started as an assistant administrative officer in a motor company in Johor Bahru until 2011 and begin work in Algaetech Sdn Bhd as an Administrative Executive
“….no matter who u are, no matter where u come from…u can always change, become a better version of yourself…peaacceee”
Ms Parkavi Kumar
Head of Research and Development
Hi.. I am Parkavi Kumar shortly called as Parkavi or just Paaks. I am an Indian holding bachelor degree in Microbiology and Masters in Biotechnology.  I am presently doing my PhD with University Kebangsaan Malaysia. I began my career as a phycologist and I work as Head of Research and Development along with an efficient team in Algaetech Research and Training Center. I strongly believe in algae and my suggestion to “go green” is by “growing green”. I learnt algae for the past 4 years but I am a beginner in Bahasa Melayu. My interest areas are carbon sequestration using marine microalgae and astaxanthin production from H. pluvialis.
Mr Omer Abas
Research Officer
I am OMER ELHADI from Sudan, holding a bachelor degree in Biotechnology and marine biotechnology from IIUM,  I started my career as a research officer at algaetech. I am keen to be a part of a leading research and development team specialized in mass cultivation of algae for extraction of high value products and other related fields.

Ms Shalini a/p Kuppusamy
Research Officer
I am Shalini Kuppusamy (Shalini). I graduated from UNISEL with a degree in Industrial Biotechnology with my Major in Microbiology. I began my career as Research assistant and learnt algae for about 2 years. I am presently positioned as Senior research Officer in Algaetech. My interests are cultivation of algae species such as Nanochloropsis, Tetraselmis, Dunaliella and extraction of algal pigments. My future plan is to isolate and identify algae strains locally and use for human benefits. 
Ms Hartina Mohd Yusuf
Research Officer
Hartina Mohd Yusop or preferably known as Tina was born on Dc 22nd 1986. A graduate in Bachelor of Biotechnology Industry (Hons) from UNISEL. Was started her career at Algaetech as a Research Assistant in March 2010. Holding title as a fresh graduate at that tima, she wisely used opportunity to gain more experience and skills. After a year, she hadn’t working too long to got promoted as a Research Officer. She showed her interest in ‘algae world’ when she took Marine Biotechnology as her majoring and involved in Chlorella project during her final year. Currently persuing her passion in algae by doing her Spirulina research at Algaetech.
Ms Sivasankari Ranganathan
Head of Researcher
Sivasankari Ranganathan or preferably known as Siva, is the Head Research Officer of Algaetech laboratory. She has a done her BSc in Biotechnology from Bangalore University, India and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree. She has Tri-majored in Chemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology. She was involved with Nandini’s Milk and Mysore Sugar Industry for her final year project of Food Technology and Processing. She has also done an Independent project on Animal Cell Culture (Stem Cell Culturing), has a certification and field training in Understanding the Dynamics of Ecosystem in Biodiversity Park.
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