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write date : 2011-03-27 22:29:49   
OMEGA Global Alliance (오메가 글로벌 연합)에 참가해주세요
You are invited to join us as a member of the Omega Global Alliance and be part of the movement dedicated to the health of people, the places we live and the planet we share. Your involvement will help the Alliance advance its mission of building a sustainable future based on renewable energy.
We need algae farmers from all walks of life. Some algae produce oil. Alliance scientists at NASA have learned how to grow algae in clear farm pillows that float in the ocean—floating greenhouses. We feed the algae wastewater that is otherwise dumped into the ocean and carbon dioxide that is released into the air. Algae grow quickly and safely in the farm pillows and are ready to harvest in about a week. Algae are pumped onshore and oil is squeezed out and turned into fuel. Algae make oil by feasting on polluting wastewater and carbon dioxide. Special membranes filter freshwater out of the wastewater for farmers to use onshore.
The idea is simple and exciting and can change the world! Figuring out the step-by-step process is challenging. These challenges won't be solved by a handful of scientists. We need your ideas. Only with your help, your ingenuity, your creativity and your commitment, will we succeed.
We are creating places and spaces for collaboration, where people come together to share and create ideas and innovations, models and methods, strategies, systems and solutions centered on producing biofuels from algae.
Every other month we will do a "Shout-Out Challenge" to the members of the Global Alliance. Each challenge will focus on a specific problem. You are invited to contribute drawings, videos, cartoons, animations, how-to guides, technical designs, ideas and suggestions.
Please do not submit Intellectual Property – we will not keep any IP confidential. Our purpose is to use the power of swarm intelligence to fulfill our mission. We do this by sharing ideas. Any materials submitted become the property of the Omega Global Alliance, a non-profit public trust, and will be used for the public good.
Join Us and
  • Receive invitations to participate in our "Shout-Out Challenges"
  • Receive updates about the Omega Global Alliance

"There are no passengers on spaceship Earth, we are all crew."
–Marshall McLuhan

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